Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Out of the Acne

I have recently acquired all my previously deleted blogs from the evil empire of Myspace after they deleted every remaining good thing about their site a while ago. I am uploading them steadily, all correctly backdated, to here:

Before I had access to them, I remembered these blogs as being prime examples of the effervescent wit you only get from 17 year olds and better than anything I ever did here on this site, which is basically dedicated to me repeatedly emphasising to you what a big softie I am through vaguely rare soul and disco records and flowery writing. In reality, of course, the myspace blogs are the self-absorbed jeers from the back of the class of someone who needs you to know they listen to Bjork and is genuinely impressed by a missy elliott/le tigre mashup.

Odd things stand out like some (I stress some) of my points about punk, but most of it I don't agree with anymore. Nowhere is this truer than the horrifying rant against Westwood, who I now think of as the best example of the Romantic ideal of becoming whoever you want since Lawrence of Arabia.

I will probably start a new blog soon,


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